I hereby wish to join World Acro Cup event in Oludeniz

I am aware, that Paragliding, Speed Flying, Base jumping, Skydiving are a dangerous activities, involvement whereof may cause or bring along serious injuries or death. Deciding to fly from Babadag Take offs, jumping off from paraglidings, I shall assume full and unlimited responsibility for all possible damages that may follow regarding myself or a third party.

I am aware World Acro Cup as the organizer of the event has no liability towards me as the BASE jumper.
I am aware that illnesses, which cause the loss of consciousness, cramps or otherwise limit the capability to react and may cause dangerous situations during those activities (e.g. epilepsy, diabetes, mental disorders, impaired vision and/or hearing, functional disorders of the limbs etc.) are contraindicated to aerial sports and I confirm, that I do not suffer from any of the medical conditions listed above.

I am aware that jumping or flying under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is not accepted under any circumstances and any pilot violating this rule will be removed from World Acro Cup event.

I hereby agree to follow all safety rules and orders issued by the organization . I am aware that any serious, intentional or repeated violation of safety requirements may result in my being removed from the event.

I hereby grant permission to all photographers and videographers at World Acro Cup event to use my depiction in their works. By sharing any of my own works with other participants at World Acro Cup event , I grant them permission to use my works without charge as long as they attribute my authorship of said works.

I hereby confirm, that I have read, understood and accepted all the terms and conditions of World Acro Cup event and I agree to follow them.

I am aware that I have to be ready to submit one copy of my skydiving or paragliding licence and insurance policy to the organizers at any time before the event.

Date, Signature

Bu kapanacak 40 saniye