Meet Director Cengiz KOÇAK

He was 7 years old when he saw a high jumper for the first time. At that moment, the paratroopers, who jumped out of the plane for the 19 May the Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day show, were floating in the air, landing and walking and greeting the audience. What he saw at the shows changed him forever, and that day he decided what he was born for in life: He would seek “higher things.” Not only high in location, but also places with high energy, people with high minds and high things waiting to be discovered…

Cengiz Koçak became a soldier before he set out “that day” with the idea of only jumping from somewhere. During his 20-year military career, he served in Turkey and abroad, especially in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, England and the United States. During these duties, he won several medals at both national and international parachute jumping championships.

In 2012, the Turkish Armed Forces retired from his position in the NATO Corps Command, taking his desire to jump to a much higher level, he began to fly with paragliding and Speed Fly. In the same year, he became the first Turkish pilot to receive an international base number in the base jump category. 

In 2021, he started to work as the general manager of Babadag Teleferik, one of the best flight runways in Turkey and the world, and rolled up his sleeves to make the World Acro Cup Ölüdeniz the best aviation festival in the world.

During his sports career  in 43 countries, Koçak, who has made over 6000 jumps from  planes, nearly 700 jumps from buildings, antennas, bridges and cliffs, still lives as a base jumper, travels the world in search of “new high things”, continues his duty as the General Manager of Babadag Teleferik and sometimes, when he is too lazy to walk, he puts on his wingsuit and flies back home from work.

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